The new Opel Combo-e Cargo is the zero-emission option for retail and commerce and small and medium-sized fleets. The new, all-electric Opel transports a lot while remaining tiny enough for city driving. The Opel Combo-e Cargo is recommended as a universal business partner with its class-leading loading volume, payload choices, and range. The new Opel Combo-e Cargo electric minivan can carry a weight of up to 800 kilograms and has a loading volume of up to 4.4 cubic meters. Additionally, the Combo-e's 50 kWh lithium-ion battery provides a WLTP-certified range of up to 275 kilometers, depending on driving profile, outdoor temperature, and use. And if he needs to refuel, he can do it in around 30 minutes at a public fast-charging station.

Customers do not have to make any concessions regarding the new Opel Combo-e against the petrol and diesel models. The Opel Combo has long been a best-seller in the segment of light commercial vehicles, having been named "International Van of the Year" in 2019. The Opel Combo-e Cargo's broad array of class-leading technology and support systems also includes sleepiness detection, traffic sign recognition, and front collision warning with automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection. Additionally, the permanent reversing camera improves road user safety. Combo-e drivers can keep an eye on the area behind the car and the typically blind region on the passenger side when making right turns, thanks to a two-camera system.

"With the all-electric Opel Combo-e, tradesmen can travel emission-free on every tour - in a vehicle that sets new records for payload and towing capability," says Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller. "With the Opel Combo-e, we are extending our electric mobility assault in light commercial vehicles, which began with the Opel Vivaro-e last year. And with the introduction of the Opel Movano-e, we will electrify our whole commercial vehicle lineup by the end of the year."

The latest addition to Opel's battery-electric light commercial vehicle lineup is offered in two lengths: the 4.40-meter-long Opel Combo-e Cargo has a 2,785-millimeter wheelbase. It can move objects up to 3,090 millimeters in length and weights of up to 800 kg due to its 3.3 to 3.8 m 3 loading volume. Additionally, the hardworking automobile can tow up to 750 kg of trailer weight - the segment's class leader.

The 4.75-meter-long Combo-e XL (wheelbase: 2,975 millimeters) has a loading compartment that can hold up to 4.4 cubic meters of material and implements up to 3,440 millimeters in length. Six lashing eyes on the floor (and an additional four on the wall, if desired) maintain everything in its proper place while driving. The Combo-intelligently e's constructed loading bay is large enough between the wheel arches to accommodate one (in the standard version) or even two Euro pallets (in the XL version). Due to the optional roof hatch, particularly lengthy things may also be toured at an angle.

If you are journeying with a group of coworkers, the new Opel Combo-e XL with its double cabin is the best option. Up to five individuals, including the driver, can be comfortably housed here, while the work utensils are carefully kept behind the partition. Additionally, there is a door in the divider for transporting lengthy things.

With a 100 kW/136 hp power and a maximum torque of 260 Newton meters from a standing start, the new Opel Combo-e Cargo is equally at home in urban and suburban environments. The new Opel Combo-e Cargo electric minivan runs from zero to 100 km/h in only 11.2 seconds and has a top speed of 130 km/h. In addition, the regenerative braking technology, which features two customizable levels, improves the economy even more.

The battery has 216 cells in 18 modules, is housed beneath the vehicle's floor to conserve space and ensure that customers do not have to sacrifice loading room or passenger compartment comfort. The battery also helps to reduce the vehicle's center of gravity due to its location within the car. This enhances driving qualities, which is beneficial in crosswinds and fast turns.

The Combo-e is prepared for anything when it comes to charging: it can be charged via a wall box at home, a fast charger on the move, or any standard power outlet. In addition, each Combo-e may be charged at a 100 kW direct current rapid charging station. This enables fast charging of the 50 kWh battery to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. A three-phase 11 kW onboard charger for AC charging in Germany is typical.

To make driving the Combo-e even more convenient and convenient, OpelConnect, the myOpel app, and Free2Move offer various services and operational choices for electric vehicles through a smartphone. The Free2Move app's "Charge My Car" feature enables users to access over 220,000 charging stations around Europe - including those that accept payment. The charging station finder displays a map of all registered charging stations. The precise address indicates if the charging station is available or occupied at the time of the request, the charging speed, and the current pricing. OpelConnect features include automated emergency calls and a direct connection to roadside assistance, and a wealth of vehicle-related information. Traffic incidents may be recorded in real-time and traffic bottlenecks can be avoided dynamically using LIVE Navigation.

As with the other variations of the model series, the new Opel Combo-e Cargo electric minivan has an unmatched array of driver aid technologies in this market. However, in this vehicle class, the sensor-controlled overload indication is unique. As a result, the driver may determine whether the vehicle is overloaded at the stroke of a button. Additionally, up to 19 different support systems facilitate driving, maneuvering, and moving persons or things. The Opel Combo-e Cargo may be configured with sensor-based flank protection, which guards against inconvenient and costly scrapes or bumps.

Anyone who frequently goes to construction sites with temporary connecting routes or on muddy or sandy terrain can buy the Combo-e equipped with the Grip & Go option, including IntelliGrip. The optional package includes hill-descent assistance, increased ground clearance, and a redesigned chassis. Lane Keeping Assist and Trailer Stability Control systems round out the spectrum of electronic assistance systems.

The Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment systems give the most excellent onboard entertainment. In addition, the eight-inch color touchscreen makes it straightforward to manage compatible Apple CarPlay and Android Auto devices.

The new Combo-e Cargo will be available in dealerships, joining the Vivaro-e as Opel's latest all-electric light commercial vehicle. In addition, the new Opel Movano-e, Opel's next battery-electric car, will be available later this year. This implies that Opel's complete commercial vehicle lineup will be electrified by the end of the year. Additionally, by 2024, Opel will provide an electric version of each model series.


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