Alfa Romeo has confirmed its aspirations for a future where all of its vehicles are electric. Until 2027, Alfa Romeo wants to exclusively offer electric cars in Europe, the United States, and China. Italy's Stellantis Group-owned carmaker unveiled its first electric vehicle with the Alfa Romeo Tonale small SUV in February. First, there are three hybrid models to choose from, including a plug-in hybrid. Alfa Romeo plans to unveil its first electric vehicle before the middle of this century.

According to Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, the new Tonale is a transitional car and signals the beginning of the brand's electrification. This model is available in Europe and Asia as a regular part-time electric car. Imparato told MotorTrend that the SUV would be followed by a product strategy that calls for introducing one new car or big revelation per year until 2030.

From 2025, according to Alfa Romeo, all new cars will be electric vehicles. After two years, the last series with a combustion engine will be withdrawn from the product line. DS Automobiles and Lancia are the only 14 Stellantis brands to offer all-electric vehicles in their primary markets.

According to MotorTrend, Alfa Romeo will follow the Tonale in 2024 with a second transitional vehicle worldwide. This model, which has yet to be shown, will be offered in two different powertrain configurations: hybrid and battery. As for the latter, it will be Alfa Romeo's first true electric car. The electric version of the Tonale is an option that has yet to be determined.

Daniel Tiago Guzzafame, the Tonale's product head, remarked during a press event that "the architecture may theoretically accommodate an all-electric version, but that is uncertain." According to the company's management, the Tonale does not drive on a new platform but instead on the same architecture as Jeep's Renegade and Compass SUVs. Since 2020, both have been offered as plug-in hybrids. However, Guzzafame claims that the Tonale's platform has undergone significant upgrades, including a new suspension, steering, and electrical design. In addition, the 15.5 kWh battery has been built to complement the brand's distinctive features.

In his remarks as CEO, Claudio Imparato underlined the need to honor Alfa Romeo's rich athletic heritage in the company's electrified vehicles. A 2025 release date for the first electric "Quadrifoglio" model was predicted, as a performance level rivaled that of a supercar. The new year's announcement from Imparato also stated that solely electric vehicles would be allowed on most roads by 2027 in most areas.


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