Millennials define the marketing and advertising strategies of today's market. Millennials are young people born between the early 80s and the mid-90s. It has been a few years since all the marketing and advertising strategies began to change. Even now, some businesses are finding it especially difficult to adapt to these changes and reach new consumers.

With them, technological advances have grown and, precisely this, is what has defined them as digital natives. The purchase channels are different from those known until just over a decade ago. But not only that, Millennials have come to change everything. Even publicity and the media, which have been known until now and which seemed untouchable, are taking a back seat in this sector of society.

1. Create a story.

The best way to reach them is by creating a story. But not just any story will do, but one that is unique, has a connection to the brand, and with which they can identify.

2. Original and quality content.

The story that you create and disseminate through the network must be made with your own, original and quality content.
Millennials love originality and value what is different from the rest. In addition, you will have to get them to identify with that content. Use the same language and always keep up to date with what is in fashion.
With the creation of this type of content, you will not only be more visible on social networks and Google, but you will also connect with your potential customers.

3. Channels.

But it is not enough to have the best content online. You will also have to take into account the channel through which to reach them.
A message without a good channel goes nowhere. Keeping up to date with trends in apps and networks will help you reach them. Use the most popular platforms at the moment and distribute your message. Keep in mind that it is not enough to use the channel, but you must do it in the best possible way.
We can currently say that YouTube and Instagram are the best channels for bringing your brand to the Y Generation, but in order to connect with them, you must first define your strategy and the factors you want to promote.

4. Make things easy for them.

Millennials prefer "smartening" themselves and do not require outside assistance to solve problems that may arise. The usability of the website will be key to earning their trust and loyalty.
You should never forget that a millennial will always choose the brand that makes things as easy as possible for them.

Thus, millennials set the pace for current consumerism. They are the ones who determine what the strategies should be and which channels are the best at all times. Listening to them and observing how and where they move will help you reach them.


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