You may be familiar with the Bird e-scooters - they are offered for rent in some European cities. Now the EV manufacturer is launching an e-bike that competes with a VanMoof model and does crucial things better in the process.

Bird's e-bike, called the Bird Bike, looks very similar to the VanMoof S3 and X3. Compared to its competitor, the American company, which is otherwise known for its e-scooters, has improved some functions and components.

So you can remove the battery of the Bird Bike, which is not possible with the comparable model from VanMoof. Bird has also opted for a carbon belt instead of a conventional chain for its cheap e-bike, which is a clear advantage in terms of durability. In addition, as with VanMoof, a backlit display has been installed.

With the fully charged 36 V battery, you should be able to cycle about 80 kilometers. The Bird Bike's motor delivers up to 500 watts but is to be throttled to 250 watts for the European market. It is not yet known when the market launch in Europe will take place. The maximum speed should be about 33 km/h. For Europe, a reduction to 25 km / h seems realistic in order to be classified in the pedelec vehicle class. 

Thanks to an IP65 + certification, you can also be sure that the e-bike is dustproof and protected against splashing water on all sides. Mechanical disc brakes and LED lights integrated into the frame should ensure the necessary safety. There is also an app and a Bluetooth connection. The Bird Bike e-bike will cost 1999 euros and will be available in two versions - with A and V frames. website.


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