Toyota introduced its hydrogen-fueled car, the Corolla Cross H2 concept vehicle. The new Toyota Corolla Cross H2 will be different from other cars because it will be powered by hydrogen. This will help the company meet its sustainability goals.

The Toyota C-HR was first shown as a concept car at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Two years later, it went into production, making the C-SUV market more exciting. Toyota took the aspirational design of the C-HR even further with the Toyota C-HR Prologue, which was first shown at the 2022 Kenshiki Forum.

Developed by remaining faithful to the DNA of C-HR, the C-HR prologue has a more sophisticated design. The C-HR prologue looks stronger and sporty from every angle thanks to its bigger wheels and shorter front and back overhangs. It also keeps the model's fun and unique style. But the concept vehicle is more useful because it has more space inside for living.

The Toyota C-HR prologue also gives C-SUVs more ways to go electric, which is an important step toward Toyota's carbon-neutral goal. A plug-in hybrid version with a battery made in Europe is also available. Thus, it strengthens Toyota's multi-technology product portfolio, including electric, full hybrid, rechargeable hybrid, and fuel cell electric.

The company says that the move toward electric cars only is not reasonable. This is because customers in different parts of the world have different needs. So, Toyota plans to create a future encompassing all hybrid, rechargeable, electric, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.


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