Hyundai is again extending to Europe with its Genesis luxury brand, which is already successful in Asia and the USA. A first attempt a few years ago had failed. So first, sales of South Korean vehicles will start this summer in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. In addition to classic combustion engines, there are also several fully electric cars on offer.

In addition to high-quality, comfortable and powerful cars, Genesis promises its European clients "exceptional" customer service with comprehensive support and personal contact. Distribution takes place online and via "Genesis Studios" in sought-after city locations, the latter being the first to be opened in London, Munich and Zurich. The focus is also on delivery directly to the customer's home or office; if requested, Genesis can also pick up the vehicle.

In Europe, Genesis will initially sell the almost five-meter-long G80 sedan and its SUV variant GV80 from June, with the smaller G70 and GV70 models shortly after that. A series specially designed for Europe is also to be introduced this year.

Genesis recently unveiled its first production electric car; the Electrified G80 is available in Europe. In addition, two more battery-powered vehicles are planned for 2021, one of them on a platform specially designed for battery drive - probably Hyundai's Electric-Global Modular Platform ( E-GMP ).

As the name suggests, the premier electric car from Genesis is an electric version of the G80 luxury-class sedan, which was previously only available as a combustion engine. The Electrified G80 should convince with elegance, luxury and sophisticated, sporty driving behaviour. The standard all-wheel-drive with a 136 kW motor at the front and rear generates a system output of 272 kW / 370 hp and 700 Nm of torque. The sprint to 100 km / h takes 4.9 seconds. For efficiency, you can switch between four-wheel and two-wheel drive as required.

Genesis specifies the range of the Electrified G80 at over 500 kilometres according to the NEDC standard, which is expiring in this country. The electric vehicle can be charged with an 800-volt system with a peak value of 350 kW; at compatible public charging stations, the battery pack should be able to be filled to 80 % in just 22 minutes. Like Hyundai's recently introduced first electric car on the E-GMP architecture Ioniq 5, the Genesis Electrified G80 has bidirectional charging capability, which can be used to operate electrical devices such as notebooks.

As a reminder, all Ioniq 5 electric cars are delivered from the factory with an autonomous emergency braking assistant, including pedestrian detection, front collision warning system, lane departure warning system and cruise control system with distance control. However, for the new Ioniq plug-in hybrid, Blind Spot Assist and rear cross-traffic warning and headlights with LED technology are optionally available. The Ioniq plug-in hybrid combines a 77 kW (105 PS) direct-injection petrol engine with a 45 kW electric motor.

Genesis has not yet revealed any information about the other planned electric cars. One of them could be the production version of the Gran Turismo-style study presented in March, the X Concept. On the other hand, it is not known how the production chances of the premium city car introduced in 2019 with space for two people Mint Concept stand.

Genesis gave an outlook on a possible electric car in Gran Turismo style in March with the X Concept. The first full-electric car in the range of the premium brand of the Hyundai Group will, however, be much more conservative, as the South Koreans recently demonstrated at the Auto Shanghai trade fair with the Electrified G80 presented there.

Genesis use technology for complete active noise suppression, an electronically adjustable chassis, a solar roof for more energy efficiency and various untreated and recycled materials in the interior of the Electrified G80.

In the coming years, Genesis plans to expand its involvement in the field of electromobility significantly. The company has announced that it will offer at least three vehicles developed from the ground up as electric cars by 2025. In addition to the X Concept, this could also include the Mint Concept presented two years ago - a premium car tailored for use in the city with space for two people, which combines practicality, comfort and driving pleasure.

Genesis is expected to announce its launch in Europe shortly. The brand's new electric cars will therefore also be available.

With the new electric vehicles, such as the GV60 electric car, Genesis wants to meet the increasingly rigorous emissions legislation around the world. Concept reasons also play a role in the electric offensive. Customers pay more attention to environmental friendliness when buying a car but are not prepared to give up the driving enjoyment, dynamics and style. "Anyone who has driven an electrified vehicle understands that it can unquestionably produce excitement," says Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald. He is persuaded that the alternative type of drive will immediately establish itself as soon as more range and lower costs for electric cars can be accomplished.@via Genesis.


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