Fiat will take the top spot in the Brazilian market within a month. On the other hand, the Fiat Pulse is the best-selling SUV in the country, a first for the brand in the SUV segment. This is a historic achievement. In addition, the Fiat Strada is still the most widely used vehicle in the United States today.

Toward the end of the month, the brand had 25.1 percent of the market share, an increase of 3.7 percent compared to March. There were 34,372 registered units, more than 13,000 more than the second-place finisher. For the 16th month, Fiat has been the top-selling car.

The new Fiat Strada is the most popular vehicle in the country, with 7,983 license plates, 5.8% of the total market share, and a 99.5 percent market share. Fiat even broke its record in the segment.

Additionally, Fiat achieved a record-breaking feat by becoming the nation's best-selling SUV for the first time. With 5,522 units sold and an 11.2% market share, Fiat Pulse took the lead in the sports utility segment. This was also its best performance since its launch, ranking at number four in the national rankings.

In April, Fiat had a banner month with five models in Brazil's top ten best-seller lists. We not only maintained our national market leadership, but with Pulse, we became the first Fiat brand to have an SUV at the top of its segment. Herlander Zola, Fiat's Senior Vice President for South America, says the Fiat Pulse was created as a new standard in the SUV category.

Half of the country's most popular models were Fiat. While the subcompact Fiat Mobi came in third with 5,911 registrations (4.3 percent of the market), the Fiat Argo came in sixth with 5,488 car registrations (4.0 percent), and the Fiat Toro came in eighth with 5,108 pickups sold; the brand's strong showing extends to other models (3.7 percent market share).

Fiat's market share increased by four percentage points from March to 32.1%, maintaining its leadership in the hatches segment. The same was true for pickup trucks, which saw a 55.8% increase in sales and a 1.7% increase over the previous month.


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